Unprecedented strategy. Unprecedented ROI.

Welcome to the new rule of engagement: Change.

In the rapidly shifting marketplace of ideas, executive leaders must realize a single universal truth... To achieve objectives, they must evolve. Dollar-for-dollar, VELOCITY is the most powerful, cost-effective way to reach, engage and influence C-suite decision-makers. This is true, traceable ROI. This is precision marketing.

VELOCITY changes the dynamic of communication by precisely and persuasively targeting CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, and other executives at the pinnacle of power and influence. Our private broadcasts engage thought leaders in an immersive sight and sound experience in
real-time, with real power, in an unprecedented nationwide live event.

VELOCITY leverages state-of-the-art HD facilities, a private nationwide group of VELOCITY HD Digital Suites, and a thorough understanding of how and why audiences respond to an experiential marketing environment. Reach and impact regional or national audiences simultaneously, or in pre-determined waves, in cities throughout the world.

  • Full-service production, broadcast and viewing environment for dramatic impact on precisely-targeted audiences
  • Precise results from targeted audiences
  • Qualified and quantified measurement using the advanced Mind Over Matter Business Intelligence Suite
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