Intelligence matters

Mind Over MatterVELOCITY World Media’s Mind Over Matter Business Intelligence Suite is a window into the mind of viewers. A portal revealing the collective insight of a target audience.

Gauge reaction. Gather data. The opportunities are endless with Mind Over Matter, the interactive component of VELOCITY.

Mind Over Matter is a business intelligence platform with the power to collect statistically significant data from a worldwide focus group. Transform a live program into an integrated research and discussion think tank, using Mind Over Matter to measure responses and gauge interest in highly meaningful ways.

To enable maximum flexibility and support and develop program goals, Mind Over Matter features three cornerstone applications that blend quantitative and qualitative data for instant market feedback:

MindStorm: Interaction with Experts

MindStormMindStorm provides the audience with the power to ask questions and offer insights. A worldwide Q&A. A compilation of technologies and services to facilitate and analyze viewer engagement. Live. On the air. Questions may be submitted via phone, e-mail or text message and are collected in the MindShare interactive database for prioritization and put live on the air or saved for post broadcast follow-up and analysis.

MindShare: Audience Polling & Response

MindShareMindShare presents the opportunity to tap into the mindset of viewers. Their thoughts, their attitudes. A global audience can be polled and the results immediately tabulated and presented graphically. Mindshare is a dynamic blend of qualitative and quantitative research. A deep view into the mind of your audience from a demographic, geographic and psychographic profile. Real world… Real time… Real results...Imagine the possibilities.

AIR Reports: Audience Integrated Research

AIR Reports are a comprehensive reporting structure that build advanced database queries and retrieve marketing insight. They are used with great efficiency to add value to MindStorm and MindShare results. Their analytics and advanced synergies enable deeper insight and actionable findings.

Mind Over Matter pulls back the curtain to reveal awareness, visibility and brand identification for VIP audiences comfortably immersed within the VELOCITY HD Experience. MindStorm and MindShare are independent applications that may be used alone or in combination to enhance programming and response.

  • The most advanced real-time business intelligence suite available polls viewers instantly for results that keep pace with the speed of business
  • Enables you to engage your audience and immerse them in your broadcast in ways that leave powerful impressions
  • Collect valuable data sets from influential prospects based on a unique blend of qualitative and quantitative research
  • Identify the needs and wants of your audience based on a dynamic demographic, geographic and psychographic profile
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