What differentiates VELOCITY World Media?

VELOCITY World Media is the first precision marketing platform that produces live, private events for invitation-only audiences in immersive viewing environments at popular dining venues throughout the world.

VELOCITY manages the entire event cycle through VELOCITY 360, including guest registration and venue management, and full production and presentation synchronized across time zones. The result is a stunning, professional broadcast event that creates impact.

Where can audiences experience VELOCITY?

Through our unique relationships with VELOCITY Network Partners, including Maggiano's Little Italy, Morton's The Steakhouse, and ClubCorp, VELOCITY provides access to High-Definition broadcast events live via EchoStar satellite to the top 200 markets throughout the world.

What are the benefits of using VELOCITY?

VELOCITY accesses hard-to-reach decision makers and thought leaders with exceptional entertainment, live and interactive engagement, and local accessibility without the rigors of travel, the interruption of daily business, or the burden of less eco-friendly communication structures.

Where are VELOCITY events produced?

Events are produced from VELOCITY HD Studios at the advanced WQED Multimedia Center in Pittsburgh, or from remote locations throughout the world.

What is the VELOCITY HD Experience?

From studio to satellite to the eyes and ears of the audience, the VELOCITY HD Experience is engineered to deliver the highest quality broadcast experience available. VELOCITY events are presented with High-Definition clarity and high-fidelity surround sound to truly immerse audiences within the programming. Each broadcast is delivered via EchoStar satellite precisely to specification to advanced VELOCITY HD Digital Suites.

What is a VELOCITY HD Digital Suite?

VELOCITY HD Digital Suites are multimedia digital theaters where custom High-Definition television immerses attentive audiences in a sophisticated, private dining environment. VELOCITY HD Digital Suites are equipped with 1080i digital High-Definition projection systems, 10-15 foot 16:9 screens, and 11 high-fidelity speakers featuring 7.2 theater-quality surround sound.

What interactive applications are used to engage viewers during a VELOCITY event?

VELOCITY World Media has bundled an enhanced interactive platform called the Mind Over MatterSM Business Intelligence Suite. Viewer responses are instantly collated and assessed by demographics, geographic spread, knowledge and opinion base, and trend analysis. Reports offer insight into the attitudes, opinions, and knowledge of viewers through both qualitative and quantitative research results. Mind Over Matter includes three cornerstone applications that deliver instant market feedback:

Mindshare is an interactive audience polling platform that enables viewers to react, respond and provide insight in real-time. The qualitative and quantitative program is engineered for analytics and audience segmentation across designated geographies, targeted demographic and psychographic groups, and individuals.

Mindstorm enables audiences to engage in live interaction by calling, e-mailing and texting questions, comments and discussion points to experts. Collected data is recorded into a database for analytics and provides both qualitative and quantitative research results.

Audience Integrated Research (AIR) Reports offer a comprehensive reporting structure that build advanced database queries and retrieve marketing insight. They are used with great efficiency to add value to Mindstorm and Mindshare results. Their analytics and advanced synergies enable deeper insight and actionable findings.

  • VELOCITY World Media features an Emmy´┐Ż award-winning team of television professionals who create unique, powerful broadcasting events
  • Companies have the power to simultaneously engage high-value audiences at up to 250 venues in VELOCITY's private network and up to 800 theater venues worldwide
  • Advanced real-time business intelligence tools provide the opportunity to poll viewers instantly for results that keep pace with the speed of business

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