High-level broadcast events. Defined.

Your message will echo in the minds of resource and possibility.

VELOCITY creates professional, sophisticated private television programming as an immersive marketing experience. VELOCITY translates your unique message into a talk-show format, energized by compelling video arrangement, your expert guests, and insightful dialogue.

The entire production cycle is closely controlled. Programming is produced under the exacting guidance of award-winning producers, directors and broadcast engineers, and specifically designed visually and audibly for dynamic presentation in the high-tech realm of VELOCITY HD Digital Suites.

From studio to satellite to suite, the High-Definition signal is safely encrypted and expertly distributed via EchoStar satellite per VELOCITY’s specifications.

VELOCITY delivers uncompromised digital consistency with content broadcast from VELOCITY HD Studios to VELOCITY HD Digital Suites®. Exacting technical specs are consistent throughout the cycle, from creation to presentation. So you have the confidence of knowing your broadcast in New York City looks and sounds the same as in Macau.

VELOCITY productions are engineered from start to finish as a stunning mixture of information and entertainment. Precision marketing designed to captivate the mind and the heart. There is an edge to gain by appealing to your audience’s emotions as well as their intellect. VELOCITY’s experiential marketing is unmatched by any other medium.

  • Highest standard for High-Definition television broadcasting
  • Each broadcast is fully encrypted for security and confidentiality
  • Breathtaking experiences with digital precision, High-Definition clarity and
    high-fidelity surround sound
  • Designed and engineered for complete immersion experience from studio to satellite to VELOCITY HD Digital Suite
  • Interactive, experiential format draws audiences closer to program content than ever before possible
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