A window to the world

VELOCITY HD Digital SuitesVELOCITY HD Digital Suites® are multimedia screening rooms where custom High-Definition television immerses attentive audiences with insight and possibility. And a place at the table becomes a window to the world. A world you have carefully crafted.

Each suite is laid out to optimum specifications and engineered to deliver the highest-quality sight and sound imaginable. To each and every seat. All of the audio, video, and environmental components in VELOCITY HD Digital Suites are automated to provide supreme comfort and seamless integrations of sight and sound.

VELOCITY HD Digital Suites are high-tech commerce portals – places for clients, colleagues, or customers to mingle and become immersed in a mixture of information and hospitality. VELOCITY HD Digital Suites are experiential environments designed to introduce ground-breaking ideas delivered live via EchoStar satellites.

  • State-of-the-art, High-Definition digital theaters within a sophisticated, private dining environment
  • Certified VELOCITY HD Digital Suites offer 1080i digital High-Definition projection system; 10 to 15 foot, 16:9 screens; 11 high-fidelity speakers; 7.2 cinema surround sound
  • Custom live and experiential television programming delivered via EchoStar satellites
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