More than a broadcast. A resolution.

"...We live in a capitalist society, but that does not mean we cannot be guided by the idea of a social conscience in our work. We can do our bit for society by running our companies in a socially responsible way. There is the possibility for power and influence to be a force for change."

- Giorgio Armani

Clean, green business. Cost-effective and efficient. VELOCITY virtually eliminates the massive carbon footprint associated with the traditional sales call. Step into the innovative realm of private television and transport information, not people.

Green business is garnering top-level attention from the C-suite. The process of greening business operations is vital in a sustainability-conscious marketplace. VELOCITY is a strategic and seamless way to integrate green principles into business-to-business marketing.

The deployment of green marketing tactics is not only a sustainable solution, but a positive reflection.

Your guests attend a VELOCITY experiential event at local venues throughout the world, providing targeted global reach and eliminating extensive travel and the massive carbon footprint created by the burning of millions of pounds of jet fuel.

VELOCITY removes geographic constraints and delivers a consistent message during a single, convenient occasion to make efficient use of time and resources.

  • Strategically and seamlessly integrate green principles into business-to-business marketing
  • Eliminate geographic and time constraints by transporting information, not people
  • Virtually eliminate the carbon footprint of your sales cycle
  • VELOCITY broadcasts have eliminated more than half of a billion pounds of climate changing gas since 2006
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