Products & Premieres

Create a product launch at the speed of light. Time to market is the key variable in the formula for success and VELOCITY's product launch platform generates market share before the competition has a chance to blink.

Album releases. DVD premieres.

Establish a built-in audience of consumers based on the value of live entertainment and exclusive product availability.

VIPs and fans alike revel in the opportunity to become immersed in the work and engrained in the culture of the performers and artists they admire.

VELOCITY offers consumers a worldwide backstage pass, taking them down the red carpet, through the velvet rope, and behind the curtain for a once-in-a-lifetime entertainment experience.

  • Introduce your product in High-Definition to a built-in audience of passionate fans nationwide or worldwide
  • Accelerate time-to-market by engaging viewers with an agile and targeted mode of communication
  • Leverage the power of the Mind Over Matter Business Intelligence Suite to gain valuable insight about your audience and their tastes
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