High Fashion

VELOCITY has created the longest runway on the planet.

VELOCITY is brand immersion to a new level of consciousness. From Champs-Èlysèes to Rodeo Drive to 5th Avenue, VELOCITY brings fashion to people - and people to fashion.

Consumers who know and understand fashion aren't just buying a brand, they're buying into a brand.

To make a connection with buyers, brands also sell lifestyles. Buyers are wearers, and wearers are believers.

Experience the brand. Interact with the designer. Create a movement.

VELOCITY is where the buyers are and where they can buy... from the top 100 DMA's in North America to the hot metros across Europe and Asia.

  • Extend the reach of your line from Paris to New York and beyond with immediacy and impact
  • Engage the people who buy your products where they live and where they shop
  • Allows buyers to experience the design and the designers
  • Leverage the power of the Mind Over Matter Business Intelligence Suite to gain valuable insight about your audience and their buying habits
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