Your thought leaders in tune with their thoughts. Educate brokers and other finance professionals about new strategies and opportunities in the market.

Explain complex economic and market issues in a forum easily understood by financial advisors from across the world. Provide them a vision to their future.

Make your products known to all the right people in the same instant.

VELOCITY experiential events for financial audiences
have featured numerous economists, including:

Jamie Dimon, the chairman and chief executive officer of JP Morgan.

Mark Donovan, chief executive officer of Robeco Boston Partners, one of Europe's leading investment companies.

Ed McRedmond, senior vice president of portfolio strategies for PowerShares/AIM Investments.

Valerie Petrone-Corradini, head of national full service channel iShares for Barclays Global Investors.

Bryan Piskorowski, senior vice president and director of sales strategy for Wachovia Securities.

Tony Rochte, senior managing director of SSgA Funds Management, Inc. for State Street Global Advisors.

Brian Wesbury, chief economist at First Trust Advisors, and a frequent guest on FOX News Channel, Bloomberg and CNBC TV.

  • Create the ideal forum for educating key audiences about new strategies and opportunities
  • Get to the heart of complex issues by engaging audiences through expert economists who deliver your message with consistency
  • Leverage the power of the Mind Over Matter Business Intelligence Suite to gain valuable insight about your audience
  • Predict the trends before they develop
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