Driving business locally. Globally.

Become a part of the VELOCITY Network and boost revenue with high-end traffic, improve facilities with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, and offer customers a unique, high-tech service. Ride in the jet stream of VELOCITY’s Fortune 500 and 100 clients.

VELOCITY is a marketing arm that books elite clientele. Business development at a local and global level. VELOCITY will fill a room at one location, or rooms at locations in every major city around the world. Book 50 seats or 50 rooms. Endless possibilities.

VELOCITY events average 40 attendees per location, and add a bona fide national marketing presence for local restaurants. Dining partners are represented by a national sales force targeting private entertainment event placement during the week.

Generate income by maximizing restaurant operational time. All the time. And generate
word-of-mouth among the most powerful decision-makers in the world. VELOCITY audiences include executives, physicians, attorneys, and high net-worth investors. Guests you want to impress. Guests who transition from weekday VELOCITY events to weekend dinner service.

  • National and global marketing presence for local restaurants
  • Maximize restaurant real estate and business across all operational hours
  • Create word-of-mouth among influential decision makers
  • Certified network members include: Morton's The Steakhouse, Maggiano's Little Italy, ClubCorp
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