Influential. Immediate.

VELOCITY creates, develops and executes targeted programs designed to influence. From product launches and sales initiatives to industry education and stakeholder presentations, VELOCITY delivers successful and seamless events. Through a partnership with VELOCITY, you have the opportunity to harness the power of the largest global, private experiential media company.

From the technological sophistication of VELOCITY HD Studios, to the impeccable service infrastructure of VELOCITY 360, this is a strategic alliance that will bolster your product line and indulge your clients. Increased revenue. Enhanced prestige. This is your opportunity to develop a stake in a dynamic new medium.

VELOCITY is building dynamic relationships with Certified Channel Partners, and Authorized Resellers, seeking to expose clients to alternative media with proven impact. VELOCITY equips firms and sales agents to present clients with the opportunities afforded by VELOCITY private HD broadcasting events - expertly engineered as immersive, experiential marketing. VELOCITY will complement your resources with as much event planning and production work as necessary.

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  • Authorized and certified strategic partnerships available at multiple levels
  • Integrate with existing service array
  • Highly advanced communication tool for existing and new clientele
  • Position products, align clients and promote messages to reach new and upscale audiences with exceptional precision
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