Sponsor Opportunities

Intimate and expansive.

This is sponsorship at a new level of ingenuity.


Sponsoring a live High-Definition experiential event with massive reach will immerse your brand in the minds of targeted demographical sets to provide billions of powerful impressions.

Your brand is engrained as part of the culture of an event, with guaranteed exposure and product immersion. Your message is delivered with impact.

No commercials. Not simply a logo at the corner of the screen. Not just product placements.

VELOCITY live events integrate your brand and products into the programming. Don’t just become part of the story. Become the story.

See your return on investment launch with VELOCITY.

To learn more about VELOCITY’s immersive sponsorship programming, call 212-710-8560 or email sponsor@velocityworldmedia.com.

  • Today, brand experience is everything and VELOCITY enables you to immerse targeted audiences into the essence of your brand culture
  • Create a global and local presence simultaneously
  • Generate precise and traceable ROI
  • Create a platform for brand immersion that drives traffic
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