Welcome to the World of Private Broadcast Events

And welcome to a new world of precision communications that is creating a new standard for time-to-market and a massive shift in real-world ROI.

VELOCITY World Media® enables you to leverage the persuasive power of live High-Definition television by engaging your high-value, hard-to-reach audiences with experiential and interactive private programming.

VELOCITY produces tailor-made television programs that are broadcast live via EchoStar satellite to your invited guests in state-of-the-art screening rooms at popular dining venues in the top 200 markets around the world.

Your private program. Your marketing on target. All in one evening.

VELOCITY is a gateway to decision makers and thought leaders who drive profits. VELOCITY accelerates time-to-market, dramatically reduces the sales cycle, and creates a new standard for direct and traceable ROI. All at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales and marketing.

Tell your story to every corner of the globe, simultaneously. Educate, entertain and engage. Inspire action.

Launching information at the speed of business with laser accuracy, VELOCITY is an entirely new way to share ideas. Across time and space. Across cultures. To the heart of the matter. To people.

One broadcast. Endless results.

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