Program Overview

How Hollywood Spells Profit; The magic, the myths and the mystery behind what forecasts a hit, what signals a miss and what predicts profit long before the credit roll.

The VELOCITY broadcast featured how Hollywood's road to profit can travel anywhere; through other enterprises with a new generation of business intelligence software called "Predictive Performance Management"

The broadcast showcased how Lionsgate predicts the entire five-year profitability of a film, from box office to DVD and merchandise in just 48 hours after it is released in theaters, and how this technology can be applied across all industry sectors.

In addition to the Lionsgate testimonials, outside experts were engaged to lend third-party credibility to the message. Fortune magazine's Adam Lashinsky brought an insider's view to the technology landscape serving as moderator and manager of the nationwide Q&A segment.

Gartner's Lee Geishecker injected an analytical perspective and delivered a forward-looking view for the necessity of business intelligence software as a key role in the future of business and validated OutlookSoft as a premiere solution.


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